angular js

Angular JS is an open source Java Script framework which is developed in 2009. It is not a library like jQuery. It is maintained and managed by Google engineers very accurately. Due to its cleaner and immediate code structure, it helps developers to build responsive sites on the go. Angular JS developers at Appsoft Technology are developing number of simple yet freely flowing apps. These apps contain number of features which is able to cater complex business needs. Latest tools and technology regarding Angular JS allow us to develop cost effective mobile applications. We always focus on clean coding strategies. Our developers take advantages of MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. This pattern makes testing very easy and also reduces development time. Angular JS is a complete package for quick front-end development. Programmers at Appsoft Technology have mastery to implement their skills in real applications.

Angular JS is Wonderful Because:

  • MVC Design pattern
  • Allow reuse of HTML components
  • Complete unit with e2e testing environment
  • Synchronization between Model and DOM with data binding in two ways
  • Localization
  • Dependency injections
  • Concept of switching views
  • REST friendly
  • Directives to guide you in development of custom widgets
  • Provide filters
  • Open source and completely free
  • Automatically handle JavaScript code suitable for each browser

If we say in a few words, Angular JS is a framework to make large scale and high performance web apps by keeping them easy to maintain. Appsoft technology is a highly experience company in developing browser based apps with Angular JS. We are familiar with all the features of angular JS that let us build expressive applications. If you are looking for a JavaScript framework to build application, choose Angular.JS development. We are really enjoying working with Angular JS and ready to engage in any new challenges all the time.

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